Payment terms:

  •  Tuition is billed per month. On the first scheduled lesson for that month, the monthly tuition is due.
  •  If a student cannot make one of the lessons in that month he/she may make up that lesson at another time or have a lesson credit.
  •  A $10 late fee applies to late payments and a $20 fee for returned checks.
  •  An additional traveling fee (per lesson) may be assessed (depending on location) if lessons are conducted outside of our studio.
  •  If student(s) wish to participate in recitals, exams, music festivals or competitions, additional fees for registration may apply. Please note: extra lessons may be necessary to prepare students for such events.
  •  Lesson fees are adjusted annually on January 1.
  •  Students will be notified two months in advance for any tuition changes.

Cancellations and Make-up policy:

  •  We all know that being consistent is very important in music learning.
  •  Therefore, except for illnesses, vacations or major holidays, students should have lessons once a week. This ensures the progress is monitored, which is especially important for beginners.
  •  Canceled lessons due to sickness/ school activities/other emergencies can be made up in the future as the teacher’s schedule permit.
  •  If you cancel a lesson, your monthly lesson fee remains the same.
  •  Lessons cancel by Catherine will be rescheduled.
  •  When this is not possible, you may carry any credits forward to the following month.
  •  30 days notice is required if student decides to discontinue lessons.
  •  Those who discontinue prior to the end of the month with no previous notice will not receive a refund for the month.

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