Beginner to Advanced Piano Lessons For All Ages

The piano is such a wonderful instrument; whether we want to play a solo piece or accompany other instruments…it’s always a joy to play!

Through years of learning and teaching experience(s), I realize sometimes it’s hard to play piano without sheet music; therefore, I also include “play by ear techniques” to my piano lesson(s), in order for students to play the songs they like without the sheet music.

I also teach different musical styles, such as classical piano pieces, blues, jazz, pop and new age piano to encompass a wide variety of musical tastes.

Beginning level

The lessons focuses on the basic music elements. I use online musical games and music learning software to make learning notes and theory easy. Kid’s songs and Disney tunes are also provided in the lesson to help increase the interest in learning piano. I encourage parents to participate in the lessons for children who are under 10 years of age. It’s great if parents can help supervise the practice sessions at home too!
Intermediate to Advanced level

The lessons focus on keyboard technique and expression of music. I work with students on the style they enjoy to play and develop their appreciation of music. If a student is interested in taking the piano examination, I will discuss the plan with parents and student to help achieve that goal.

Adult learner

I admire the adult learner because of their passion for piano. Whether you’ve learned piano before and want to start over, or want to try a different style of piano playing, or to learn a song you always want to play, I will help you reach your goal. The lessons are designed for YOUR needs and on YOUR own pace.

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