Our music courses (shown below) are a one-on-one private twelve week lessons that focus on specific areas that interest YOU.

They are open for students that are new to music or people who want to try different musical styles.

We have new courses starting all the time…with flexible times and dates to best match your schedule. Sign up today!

Beginning Singing Class

Voice and breath control
Basic music theory
Solo singing
Basic singing technique

Introduction to the Blues Keyboard

Twelve-bar blues
Basic blues chord progression
Pentatonic and blues scales improvisation
Walking bass line
Common blues licks
Music reading

Introduction to Piano

Reading notes on the grand staff
Major and minor scales and triads
Primary chords
Easy piano songs in various styles
Music theory

Singing and Playing Piano

Major and minor chords
Rhythm and syncopation
Lead sheet reading
Chord inversion
Rhythmic piano playing
Basic piano techniques
Tip of piano accompanying
Basic music theory

Playing by Ear

Major and nature/melodic/harmonic minor scales
Major, minor and diminished/augmented chords
The relationship between chords and scales
Identifying primary chords in major and minor
Music theory
Transcribing songs
Identifying different meter and basic rhythms

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